What is Flyyer?

By Patricio Lopez Juri

It has been long days of hard work but we are almost ready to launch.

How it started

We realize how important is to have consistent link previews but not everyone has a Content Management System to take care of everything. Even if you are using one you are probably just taking an image that represents your content and nothing more.

This is when we want to give superpowers to your links and leverage the user network who loves your online website.

What is Flyyer.io?

Flyyer.io is a online platform that enables companies and individuals to manage their social link previews.

What is different from us is that we allow you to generate those social media previews with web technologies such as React.js and Vue.js (and more coming soon!).

Additionally we grab some analytics and stat usage to add an extra layer of marketing intelligence to your business.

Where to start?

Visit the Get started page to create and account. Add your website information and follow the installation guides.

What is next?

We are working on more integrations, creating free templates and new cool features to generate social media content base on your site.

Wondering how to use Flyyer with your websites? Contact us or join ur official Discord channel 🚀