Pricing and plans

Leverage your current user networks and expand your reach on social media by organic posts. Starts at $12 monthly.


For small project with few amount of pages to share.


Get 2 months for free with anual billing

  • 200 website pages

  • 3,000 credits/mo

  • 3 website(s)

  • 3 user(s)

  • Signed URLs

  • Analytics


High volume for companies with many projects and websites to share.


Get 2 months for free with anual billing

  • 1,000 website pages

  • 10,000 credits/mo

  • 3 website(s)

  • 5 user(s)

  • Everything in Hobby

  • Full HD images


Massive amount of images for popular and viral websites.


Get 2 months for free with anual billing

  • 3,000 website pages

  • 30,000 credits/mo

  • 3 website(s)

  • Unlimited user(s)

  • Everything in Pro

  • Priority support

Need more?640,000

"Credit" is the metric used to quantify the number of generated images and website crawls. On normal conditions 8 credits are consume by 1 page each month.

"Pages" are differentiated by their URLs (eg: /about and /products/hoodie are 2 distinct pages).

Subsequent requests for the same image or resource within the same month won't affect your plan's quota becase it's cached.

If your website has too many dynamic content (eg: social network) please contact us to unlock unlimited pages for you. Only credits to render images will be consumed.

Enterprise plans with premium support

Custom solutions, dedicated servers, on-premise installation, and design/development services.

Priority service

If you are dealing with high traffic or you just don't want to worry about quotas, this plan might be for you. We also include dedicated service for additional security and faster delivery times.

What can be included

  • Unlimited pages and images

  • Dedicated servers

  • Design and engineering consulting

  • Improved speed, security and privacy

  • On-premise setup

  • Shared Slack channel with the founding team

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